Skylanders Trap Team Collector's Edition Strategy Guide


Become the Ultimate Portal Master with the official Skylanders Trap Team Collector's Edition Strategy Guide! Includes over 20 Exclusive, Full-Color Wall Clings of new Trap Masters, Skylanders, and more. Available only in this collector's edition guide! Beautifully printed premium hardcover guide. Uncover hidden areas, solve every puzzle, and defeat the foes found throughout this new adventure in Skylands. Complete story walkthrough, plus learn how to use Traptanium to capture each and every escaped villain in Skylands. Open every elemental gate to gather collectibles found throughout your journey. Complete walkthrough of every side quest. Stats, attacks, and upgrades for all characters, including the 16 all new Trap Master Skylanders, 18 new characters, villains, and more. Detailed maps of every level with locations of Soul Gems and all other collectibles. Earn all the accolades to become the Ultimate Portal Master.

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