Getaway Neoprene Seat Covers Mitsubishi Pajero 7 Seater Exceed SUV GLS (NX) 2014-On Waterproof

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Neoprene is a great all round fabric for seat covers. Comfortable, highly water resistant and durable, it is the popular choice for those with an active lifestyle. Made from wetsuit material, neoprene is really popular amongst surfers and beach goers. Also highly recommended if you want to protect your seats from the kids. Custom made neoprene seat covers to fit like a glove. Automotive grade neoprene. 6mm material includes neoprene and waterproof foam bonding. Genuine neoprene with heavy weight 10oz spandex backing and skirts. Available in black with white stitching. Designed for those who love their water based activites. Airbag safe. UV stabilised. In stock ready to ship. Secured with velcro on fronts, ties on rears. Resistant to salt water, heat, sunscreen and wax. Machine washable. Images are for illustration purposes only. 3 years guarantee.

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