The Venetian Galley Captain: Book One: In Service of the Doge ~ Paperback ~ William Aus


Venice is the sea power of the Mediterranean. Her Navy is the key. Her power is dependent on its use. This is the tale of one man, Cosimo CongardA(c), in love, war, and espionage. He is the Venetian galley captain and in his own words you learn of his progress from the captain of one galley to the leader of a wing in a squadron of the time. The effects of the new technology, ship-killing guns and the interdependence of the older weapons are seen through his eyes. The Republic has the best intelligence service of the day and Cosimo has managed to run amok of it. Battling the enemy, the admiralty, the master counterspy, aided by his crews and captains, while pursuing a lost love, this is the first of The Venetian Galley Captain series. So strap on your sword and join the adventure.

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