Loving Earth Organic Caramel Chocolate 80g

Loving Earth’s Caramel Chocolate bars are made by hand in Melbourne using 35% virgin raw cacao butter acquired through fair trade from the Criollo community of Satipo, Peru. Despite their delicious caramel taste, they contain no cane sugar or other refined sugars – the sweetness is all thanks to evaporated Javanese coconut nectar, which has a lower glycaemic index and a higher content of important minerals like iron, magnesium and zinc. Add in the antioxidants and magnesium of the raw cacao and the healthy fatty acids of the cashews and coconut and this is an exceptionally nutritious chocolate bar. Good source of magnesium, iron and zinc High in antioxidants High in oleic and lauric acid No gluten Low glycaemic index No refined sugar Vegan Certified organic Fair trade Preservative free Ingredients: VIRGIN CACAO BUTTER*°, EVAPORATED COCONUT NECTAR*°, RAW CASHEW*, COCONUT*, HAZELNUT*, ALMOND*. 36% MIN CACAO. CONTAINS TREE NUTS. NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH TREE NUT ALLERGIES.

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