Madden NFL 17 - Xbox One


Take your team all the way in Madden NFL 17 and put yourself at the centre of your team’s championship run. New gameplay strategy features allow you to lure the defence into a trap by calling a series of plays that will misdirect the D away from your true game plan. Change the offensive and defensive strategies on the fly to go aggressive or play it safe. Madden NFL 17 brings together the most popular modes and award-winning gameplay features from this gaming generation.Game Play - Delivers updates to all three phases of football: Offence, defence, and special teams which is brought into the modern era giving you the ability to impact the game in a single play.Unleash All New Moves – New ball carrier special moves are now spread out across all the different player types in the NFL. Big backs have better trucks and stiff arms, while smaller backs have better jukes and spins, giving you more creative control than ever. Pass and Rush Counters - Simplify play-calling on defence. Think you know what your opponent is going to do, but don't know the defensive formation to stop it? Decide to defend the pass or run and let your defence do the rest. New Gap Play - The most authentic defensive AI to date delivers authentic gap play across the field. Grounded in current NFL strategies, gap play puts your defenders in a position to stop the run.Game Changing Special Teams - Special teams has entered a modern era in the NFL with changes to the PAT in the kicking game and creative trick plays. Our new kick meter strives to match the challenge we now see in today’s kicking game, while the ice the kicker mechanic allows you to put pressure on those late game winning field goal attempts.Franchise: Take your team all the way and put yourself at the centre of your team’s championship run in franchise mode, delivering new ways to play and more decisions to make.Game Planning - This new level of strategy delivers more variety and more fun when preparing for your next opponent, whether it’s a user or a computer simulated player.Big Decisions - Big decisions begins a new direction in your career mode, delivering more strategy, more control and more fun.Rating: G.

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