Moto GP 15


Bike, rider, and team customisation. Enhanced career mode. New game mode. Legendary two-stroke bikes. The 2015 MotoGP Season. These are the ingredients that promise to revolutionise the game experience for all competitive motorcycling enthusiasts and MotoGP championship fans. One of the standout features of this new chapter dedicated to the motorcycle world championship season – a defining characteristic of the 2015 edition of the official videogame of the MotoGP – is bike, rider, and team customisation, with more than 100 accessories available for purchase*. Bike: choose from more than 20 bike models across 3 classes, MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3, choose from 40 different liveries with official colour schemes, and consider offers from the main sponsors to accept their sponsorship during races. Features: Personal Team and Customisation: The player has the possibility to create his custom team that can be used in all game modes. Buy bikes, custom liveries inspired, choose a name and a logo. Each livery has different graphic patterns and you can customize them by changing the colors; furthermore additional sponsors are added on the bike in the MotoGP Career game mode. GP Credits: The new monetary currency used in all game modes. The player gains GP Credits by simply playing the game. After each race he takes some GP Credits as bonus. They are very useful to buy new liveries and helmets to customize your virtual rider and bike in the MyGP. New Features: Rider’s custom team, Sponsors and GP Credits. The player can use his custom team to race, managing contracts directly with sponsors. Sponsors work in the same way as official teams and they offer contracts and money to the rider’s custom team if he satisfies clauses and objectives. Tutorial: An external narrator voice and 3D overprints guide the player step by step as he races, teaching you how to take advantage of the different bike physics simulations present in the game. It also gives advices on how to approach turns, bike lean and TCS usage. The pro phase explains the use of manual transmission, how to master the disjointed brakes option and the tuck-in position. Beat the Time: In this game mode you must beat a time record on a track using a specific bike. There is a challenge for each official track and all of them are already available to play. Playing this game mode, you can discover and use bikes that are shadowed by the most notorious ones, discovering a new world of factory, open and legend bikes! Real Events 2014: Amazing real events of the last MotoGP season! Get in the shoes of the real champions of MotoGP class and change the reality or relive the most spectacular moments of the world championship. Each event is introduced by official MotoGP movies of that particular moment, giving you full game controls without breaking the experience flow. Core Game Modes – Instant Action, Grand Prix, World Championship, Time Attach and 2 Strokes Champions Challenge. Online – Up to 12 players can plain in Online Grand Prix, Online Championship, MotoGP Spring Season and Split Times 200 Official Riders 122 Official Teams 18 Official Tracks

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