Alasdair Roberts


“Droll, pungent and lovely” – The Guardian Even by his prolific standards, it has been a busy couple of years for Scottish singer-songwriter Alasdair Roberts. There was A Wonder Working Stone, the 2013 album billed to his group Alasdair Roberts & Friends, and Hirta Songs, his full-length collaboration with poet Robin Robertson. Then last year saw At Our Next Meeting, the excellent debut album of traditional folk ballads by his new group the Furrow Collective. So it seems noteworthy that, after all of these various collaborations, his latest Drag City album comes self-billed and self-titled. Often when such a veteran artist releases an eponymous album it is for purposes of redefinition, but Alasdair Roberts feels more like a simple re-centering, and a paring back of his music to the purest essentials.

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