GI Disco ~ CD ~ Various Artists

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“G.I.DISCO” is an 80s history of cold war’s hottest music in West-Germany. Berlin local DJ heroes Kalle Kuts and Daniel W. Best (Best Sevens series) have compiled an excellent 80s Soul, Funk, R & B and Disco selection. It combines representative music of that time with informative liner notes about the German historical background (which also is an important part of 20th century´s world history), international artist quotes and worldwide renowned art by Berlin based photographer Frank Thiel to an unique history lesson and listening experience. Soul, Funk and R&B from the US became a worldwide dance and clubbing movement during the 70s when it turned "disco". In the late 70s and 80s more and more new electronic instruments like synthesizers and drum machines were added to the horn riffs and piano licks, bringing the Funk back on the dance floor while still leaving it´s soul untouched.

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