Dry Recipe Base Devilled Sausages

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[[RS_PDP_Info]] Description: Feature MAGGI Beef Stroganoff at your next Family dinner. MAGGI Recipe Bases make it easy to create healthy, balanced meals that taste great for you and your family. Just add – beef strips, onion, sliced mushrooms and sour cream. At MAGGI, we are always working to improve the taste, health and nutrition of our products. Be sure to balance your meal by filling half your plate with vegetables and salad. Ingredients: Our Ingredients: Stock Powder: Sugar, Wheat Flour, Corn Starch, Tomato Powder, Flavours (Contain Celery ), Yeast Extract (Yeast Extract, Salt), Vegetable Fat, Onion, Garlic Powder; Spices: Mustard , Black Pepper; Herb: Thyme; Food Acid: Citric. Contanins Celery, Mustard and Gluten. May Contain Soy, Milk, Fish and Crustacea and Sesame. Servings Per Pack: 4.0 Serving size: 9.3 Retail Limit: 20 Dimensions: 150 x 105 x 5 Care Instructions: Store in A Cool Dry Place Promotional Limit: 20 Country of Origin: Made in New Zealand from Imported and Local Ingredients Preparation Instructions: Fop Add Fresh Sausages Onion Apple And... Tomato Sauce Bop Cook Your Meal & Balance Your Meal Just Add 8 (600g) Sausages 1 Medium Onion (150g), Sliced 1 Medium Apple (150g), Peeled, Cored and Sliced 2 Tbsp Tomato Sauce Stove Top - 10mins Prep / 25mins Cook Heat Frying Pan, Brown Sausages, Add Onion and Apple Cook 2 Minutes.Add Combined Tomato Sauce, 1½ Cups (375ml) Water and Maggi Recipe Base, Bring To Boil, Stirring.Simmer Uncovered 10 Minutes Or Until Sausages Are Cooked Through, Stir Occasionally. Oven - 10mins Prep / 1½hours CookPreheat Oven To 200°c/180°c Fan Forced.Place Sausages in Ovenproof Dish, and Then Add Onion and Apple.Stir in Combined Tomato Sauce, 1 Cup (250ml) Water and Maggi Recipe Base.Cover and Cook 1½ Hours Or Until Sausages Are Cooked Through, Stirring Twice During Cooking. Serve With Last Updated: GS1 07/2017 Code 5549702P Updated .

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