Surviving a War by God's Grace ~ Paperback ~ Daniel N. Okoro


Daniel N. Okoro is a retired civil engineer and a compelling new author whose personal struggles during the Nigerian-Biafran civil war prompted him to compose this hauntingly candid memoir of life as a child soldier. Surviving a War by God's Grace is about the triumph of one man's humanity over the most atrocious of circumstances. It is a story that has defined Okoro's character and gifted him with an acute perception into human suffering. His goal as an author is to engage the public in healing and therapeutic discussions about the nature of war and its devastating consequences, and to write about the subject in a way not ordinarily covered by any news or media outlets. Deeply inspired by the presidency of Barack Obama, Okoro is of the opinion that huge changes can begin with small, personal contributions such as this book. When Okoro is not writing, he is busy watching or playing soccer. His love for sports is immeasurable. He also enjoys tennis, bike riding, and taking long, solitary walks. He is the proud father of four children whom he loves immensely. Now, as always, he lives by the motto, "Do your best and leave the rest to God."

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