15cm Micro-USB OTG Cable (USB 2.0 On-The-Go Cable)


Connect USB flash drives, PC mice, game controllers and more to your mobile devices with the ultimate On-The-Go cable for Micro USB devices! This USB Type-A (Female) to Micro-B USB (Male) OTG Cable performs a dual purpose. Firstly as a USB 2.0 Adapter, it can convert a regular USB Type-A (Male) plug to a Micro-B USB plug. Secondly, when used with a mobile device supporting On-The_Go (OTG) functionality, you'll be able to directly connect devices like USB drives, PC keyboard or mouse and USB game controllers. Support for these devices may vary depending on your smartphone or tablet model. It seems every new gadget these days is packing a nifty Micro USB connector for data and charging. Now, though you can adapt that Micro USB port to a regular USB Type-A socket. Why you may ask? Because it now allows you to direclty plug in all sorts of USB goodies like mice, keyboards, game controlers and USB flash sticks to name but a few. On Android, only simple devices can work, but for Windows-based tablets, you can also access hubs and printers, etc. Not all devices support On-the-Go functions, and OTG adapters like this are wired specifically for OTG-ready products, so they may not be suitable in all applications. However, if your device states OTG or On-The-Go compatibility in the product manual, this cable is the one for you. And, it's a high quality accessory backed by a massive warranty! Also featuring: 5 Year Cable Chick Warranty! 15cm USB 2.0 Premium OTG Cable USB Micro B 5-Pin (Male) to USB Type-A (Male) (USB Micro OTG Cable) Transmission Speeds up to 480Mbps Durable construction for rugged applications Suitable for all USB devices including USB-powered peripherals and charging Compatible with most HTC and Samsung Phones with OTG function (via Micro USB / MHL Port) Compatible with select Windows-based tablets like the HP Omni 10 Colour: Black Cable Chick Tip: Not all current mobile phones and tablets have Micro-B 5 Pin USB ports, so check your device manual for compatibility before purchase or compare your charging cable with the image above. Some manufacturers even have their own unique cable versions which may not be compatible with the Micro-USB standard shown here. Always check your device specifications to determine compatibility with OTG products. Notice for Installing Cables within Wall & Ceiling Cavities: If you are planing on installing any cable inside a permanent fixture (ie: Wall or Ceiling), Cable Chick strongly recommends that you connect and test the cable prior to installation. By following this simple practice you can ensure compatibility and correct operation of all connected equipment before the cable is permanently installed.

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