Origami Paper Floating World Ukiyo-e Small


Make beautiful origami models with this authentic origami paper! Introducing unique sets of origami folding papers featuring details of traditional Ukiyo-e prints, carefully selected to add beauty and authenticity to your folded origami models and craft paper projects. The package includes folding sheets as well as an instructional booklet so that folders can started right away. This origami paper pack includes: 48 sheets of origami paper Details from 8 classic Japanese ukiyo-e prints Double-sided color Small 6 3/4' squares Origami basics introduction Folding techniques Instructions for 6 projects Beautiful Ukiyo-e prints ("pictures of the floating world") boast flowing outlines and colorful forms. The process of creating Ukiyo-e artwork was a painstaking collaboration between artist, carver, printer and publisher. These treasured prints are traditionally characterized by depictions of carefree urban pleasures and scenes from the natural world and are perfect for origami folding, gift wrapping and scrapbooking applications.

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