Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Strategy Guide

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So Begins the End of All Things - Malthael, Angel of Death, has a deadly new purpose and humanity once again looks to the Nephalem for salvation. Find everything you need to defeat this new threat to humanity in this comprehensive Signature Series Strategy Guide! The Crusader - Explore Sanctuary with this unbreakable new hero of the mortal realms. Get a comprehensive look at Skills, Runes, Strategies, and more for this all new Hero class. Act V Quest Guide - Discover the city of Westmarch and the ancient walls of Pandemonium. We provide you with everything you need to find every Quest, Random Dungeon, and Event as you stand fast against Malthael and his minions. Exhaustive Bestiary - Learn everything you need to know about Sanctuary's nastiest creatures, including the all new foes you face only in Reaper of Souls. And Much More Learn all there is to know about the new Adventure Mode and Bounties Get an in-depth Look at Classic Hero Skills Unlock Artisan Recipes and Components including those for the all new Mystic Complete every Achievement and Challenge

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