Luminous Arc 2


The Kingdom of Carnava is in turmoil. Ancient beasts are re-appearing all over the world and threaten the delicate balance that has existed for millennia, attacking settlements and causing death and destruction in their wake. Through all this, the Shadow Frost Witch, one of the most powerful Witches with control over the rare form of dark magic, has gone rogue and begun her own private war against the Magic Association. Carnava's only salvation appears in the form of a young Knight in training called Roland. Imbued with the power to use magic, Roland is thrust into the midst of battle and must deal with the threat of the Witch Conflict as well as the Beast Fiends – the fate of the world is in your hands! 30 chapters cumulating in over 30 hours of gameplay Brand new content and enhancements, including increased difficulty, more precise Touch Screen controls and a complete overhaul of the control scheme and UI Engagement system – gain the same elemental affinity as the Witch you are engaged with including stat boosts, new skills and Flash Drives New enhanced Flash Drives, unique special attacks that are much stronger than standard attacks or skills Compete in head-to-head multiplayer battles using the DS Wireless Play and Nintendo Wi-Fi * Connection – find out whose tactics and schemes will reign supreme!

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