This Christmas ~ Paperback ~ Jane Green


What's better than a tale filled with romance, holiday cheer, and second chances? Three of them. In Jane Green's “Vacation,” Sarah Evans faces the reality that at 36 her life is not even close to what she had envisioned. After eight years of marriage, two children, and relocating from Manhattan to the suburbs, she has lost some of her spark. And she's no longer attracted to her husband Eddie, who has transformed from studly to sloppy, works long hours, and barely interacts with the family when he's at home. When Eddie's job sends him to Chicago, Sarah decides it's time for a trial separation. Being on her own brings its rewards, as she gets a new job, indulges in a long-overdue makeover, and spends time with her kids. But Sarah comes to realize that she misses Eddie, who has been experiencing some changes of his own. Soon Christmas is fast approaching, and it seems that this year Sarah and Eddie just might be hoping for the same thing. A first wife, a second wife, the man in the middle, and two graduates of Vilma Veeter's Bitchcraft Class make for an entertaining read in Jennifer Coburn's “The Second Wife of Reilly.” When Sarah fell in love with Reilly O'Shaugnessay, she had no idea that six months after their marriage she would go off the deep end. Convinced that Reilly's former wife Prudence is going to make a play for him, Sarah devises a plan to find her husband's ex a man of her own. After all, she reasons, it's the holiday season and everyone deserves a happy ending. Sarah joins forces with her best friend and a new acquaintance to accomplish the task. What she never expects is that her life will be changed by one of Prudence's per­spective suitors. Liz Ireland proves you can always go home again in “Mistletoe and Holly” but that it might not be what you're expecting. Every December, Holly Ellis thinks, “This is the year I won't be on the fringes.” Holly has always felt inadequate when compared to her older brother and younger sister, and it's only more acute during her family's picture-perfect “Norman Rockwell” Christmas extravaganzas. This year, though, instead of showing up with her best friend, Isaac, Holly arrives at her parents' home with her new boyfriend, Jason, in tow — a gorgeous, successful man she's certain will validate her standing in the family. But instead of the over-the-top festivities she's promised him (and has often ridiculed), the house is devoid of decorations, her brother's marriage has broken up, and her mother makes a surprising announcement. Worst of all, there's no mistletoe to serve as the backdrop for a romantic moment with her beau. As Holly tries to process the unexpected changes, it's not Jason she turns to for comfort. Her holiday sweetheart is none other than Isaac…and he even comes with his own mistletoe. For the characters in these three engaging stories, this Christmas brings a bevy of surprises — romantic and otherwise. For readers, THIS CHRISTMAS brings a trio of tales that will resonate long after the eggnog is gone and the gifts have been opened. Author Biography Jane Green was born and brought up in London. After abandoning a Fine Art degree and a stint in journalism, she went into public relations and worked for a time on This Morning. Jane then went back into the newspaper world and became a popular feature writer with the Daily Express, before going freelance and starting her first novel. A string of international bestsellers and marriage to an American later, Jane now lives in Connecticut – but flies home to London as often as four children and lots of animals allow.Jane's hugely successful books include; Straight Talking, Jemima J., Mr Maybe, Bookends, Babyville, Spellbound, The Other Woman and Life Swap. Her latest novel is Second Chance.

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