Gifts of the Shovel ~ Paperback ~ Tom Massey


The Gifts of the Shovel is a self-improvement program, business advisory, morality play, and how-to-fully-live-life course all wrapped into an engaging and inspiring novel. The main character is Jason Clark, a man who while becoming wealthy in business has managed to plummet into emotional bankruptcy in the most important aspects of life. Through repeated trials and errors, Jason learns what it truly means to be RICH with the help of friends, an AA group, and a mystical old mentor who reappears at the oddest, but most important times. RICH, in this case, means living the qualities of respect, integrity, compassion and humility. This book is for anyone who aspires to live life to its fullest. This book contains multiple surprises as the lives of the characters take sudden twists and turns that the reader doesn't predict. This is the age old story of "he that loses his life shall find it" as Jason Clark the main character comes to the realization that it is not material possessions that makes a man rich. This is the classic story of a fall from grace and the redemptive steps that ensue for the fallen one.Author BiographyTom Massey is an internationally published author and speaker who has spent more than two decades sharing his principle-centered philosophy and performance strategies with diverse groups-from successful business leaders to highly competitive athletes. His purpose as a writer could be simply encapsulated into a single statement it would be this: To inspire dreams and encourage a belief in servant leadership as the essence of human well-being. This is what it means to be rich in life. Tom can be contacted at Baker Fore had multiple dreams about an old prospector, wrote them down in the middle of the night; then Tom Massey used Baker's dreams to develop the storyline for The Shovel. Fore and Massey have been light-heartedly referred to as the Barry & Manilow of self-actualization books - metaphorically speaking, one writes the lyrics and the other adds the melody.

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