Bosistos Eucalyptus Spray 200g


Quick, easy and mess-free, Eucalyptus Spray is another terrific way to use eucalyptus oil, especially for household uses.  Eucalyptus oil is a ‘volatile’ substance which means it evaporates after a time exposed to the air.  This makes it perfect for cleaning and stain removal because it doesn’t leave a greasy ‘film’ – just a germ-free surface and a lingering fresh, natural aroma.

- Contains high quality, pure eucalyptus oil.
- Ditch chemical surface sprays - less toxins around your family.
- Easy to use spray format; no waste or mess.
- Have a hygienic home without chemical surface sprays – Bosisto’s Eucalyptus is clinically proven to kill 99.99% household germs including e.coli and salmonella.
- All the traditional uses of eucalyptus oil: colds and flu, antiseptic, insect bites, muscular aches and pains, sticky label removal and more.
- Neutralises tough odours in toilets, rubbish bins, cars, cupboards and pet areas without synthetic fragrances.

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