2m Avencore Crystal Series 4-Pole TRRS 3.5mm Cable

$11.95  $13.95

Easy 4-Pole TRRS Connections Avencore Crystal Series TRRS cables are the easiest way to connect your TRRS devices and accessories. This iPhone- and Android-compatible TRRS Cable features 4-pole 3.5mm phone plugs on each end, making them suitable for interconnects between all compatible TRRS devices and accessories. Commonly found on stereo headsets for gaming and mobile voice call headsets, 4-Pole TRRS sockets also feature on some TVs and Camcorders where space is at a premium. Also suitable for Laptop, PC and Console combination stereo/mic sockets for use with compatible accessories, this cable has all four connectors wired straight-through, making it suitable for systems using either the CTIA or OMTP standards (but does not convert between them). Want to learn more about 4-pole TRRS cables & connections? Check out Cable Chick's Blog article: Understanding TRRS and Audio Jacks. Note: Apple hands-free and earbud headset microphones are not compatible with PCs or gaming consoles. Crystal Series 2m 4-Pole TRRS Cable Specifications Avencore 5 Year Replacement Warranty 2m 4-Pole TRRS Male to Male Cable 30AWG 99.9% OFC cores Straight-through wiring pin-to-pin (no adapting) Combine with our OMTP to CTIA adapter for more flexibility Combine with our 2.5mm TRRS adapter for more compatibility Colour: Black Cable with Silver Connectors Note: All terminals are wired straight-through. This does not convert between CTIA or OMTP wiring standards and does not make Apple and Android accessories cross-compatible. Notice for Installing Cables within Wall & Ceiling Cavities: If you are planing on installing any cable inside a permanent fixture (ie: Wall or Ceiling), Cable Chick strongly recommends that you connect and test the cable prior to installation. By following this simple practice you can ensure compatibility and correct operation of all connected equipment before the cable is permanently installed.

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