Shattered Souls ~ Paperback ~ Patti Keno


Shattered Souls is an energetic and exciting supernatural thriller about a group of strangers who meet under bizarre circumstances. It all started with a kiss; one simple kiss that turned into something more, something Maggie had never felt before. This blind date was about to change her life forever. Once that magical kiss was over, Maggie began to notice some strange things about herself. Her vision was clearer and she almost even felt taller, but when she saw the person standing before her she realized what had happened. This complete and total stranger had stolen her body and she was trapped in his. The stranger then turned and ran away with her body. Leaving her alone to face the world in a body that is not her own. Maggie must find the man who wears her skin and figure out a way back into her own body. Along the way she meets fellow survivors of the same body thief. He has left a trail of shattered souls behind him as he jumped from body to body. Those souls must band together to find the man who did this to them and get their bodies back, before the bodies they are in begin to reject their souls.Author BiographyPatti Keno lives in Belleville with her family and her two fur babies. She has been writing since she was ten years old. She has written many poems and many stories waiting to be turned into novels. Check out her debut novel 'A Murder of One' available on When she isn't writing she likes crafting, bowling and ghost hunting. She is a spirit medium who can speak with the dead. She likes creating her own cute crochet stuffie patterns and playing cards with her family.

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