Fire on the Mountain ~ Paperback ~ P.D. Singer


The Mountains: Book One 2nd Edition Take a break from academics, enjoy the Colorado Rockies, fight a fire now and then. That s all Jake Landon expected when he signed up to be a ranger. He ll partner with some crusty old mountain man; they ll patrol the wilderness in a tanker, speak three words a day, and Old Crusty won t be alluring at all. A national forest is big enough to be Jake s closet he ll spend his free time fishing. Except Old Crusty turns out to be Kurt Carlson: confident, competent, and experienced. He's also young, hot, friendly, and considers clothing optional when it s just two guys in the wilderness. Sharing a small cabin with this walking temptation is stressing Jake s sanity is he sending signals, or just being Kurt? And how would Kurt react if he found out his new partner wants to start a fire of a different kind? Jake s terrified they have to live together for five months no matter what. Enough sparks fly between the rangers to set the trees alight, but it takes a raging inferno to make Jake and Kurt admit to the heat between them. First Electronic Edition published by Torquere Press (2009). Bonus Short Story: Into the Mountains Long before he met Jake, Kurt Carlson climbed Yosemite with his best friend, Benji. But after a storm traps them halfway up the face of El Capitan, Kurt has to accept that their friendship isn't what he thought."

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