Barbie Star Light Adventure Barbie Doll

Based on the space fantasy movie Barbie Star Light Adventure, Barbie Star Light Adventure Barbie and her flying cat take storytelling out of this world! Join them and travel through a galaxy of sparkling stars and colorful characters. Recreate the exciting action of these two companions who embark on an adventure throughout the galaxy as they train, travel and save the universe together. What is more exciting is that Barbie dolls cat flies to mimic the high-flying fun! Attach the cat's leash to Barbie doll's hand and push the button on Barbie doll's leg to spin the propellers on her cat. Watch the adorable animal lift into the air and begin to hover, creating an exciting story for many fun adventures. Let your imagination soar as Barbie travels to a sparkling new galaxy to embark on adventures as far as the universe can take her!

  • Ages: 3+ years.
  • Includes: Barbie doll with fashion and accessories.
  • Flying cart with non-removable helmet and leash.
  • Doll cannot stand alone.

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