12 Eggshell Shaped Sound Stop Absorbing Treatment Acoustic Foam size: 50 x 50cm with Glue

$49.88  $69.96

Do you record your own voice Are you perhaps a youtube star and record your own videos. Or maybe you just enjoy movies If you do any of these things you know that sound quality is very important in these endeavors that is why adding acoustic foam to your room is important. Acoustic Foam will reduce excess reflections and reverberations for better sound quality. The foam will not only improve the sound quality of your room but also prevent unwanted music from escaping to prevent inconveniencing other people.Easy to installand can be easily attached with staples nails screws tacks glue or Velcro. Made from highly fire retardant materials for safety. The Acoustic Foam will give you a new recording and viewing experience on par with a professionals work.

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