Honour Imperialis ~ Paperback ~ Aaron Dembski-Bowden


Omnibus of three novels featuring the Imperial Guard - Dead Men Walking, Cadian Blood, and Redemption Corps. The Imperial Guard: known with good reason as the Hammer of the Emperor, and possibly the single largest military force that the galaxy has ever seen. The tales of heroism and desperate futility surrounding the men and women of the Guard are many this omnibus contains the exploits of the famous Cadian and ruthless Death Korp of Krieg regiments, as well as the fearsome storm troopers of the Redemption Corps."Author BiographyAaron Dembski-Bowden is a British author with his beginnings in the videogame and RPG industries. He s written several novels for the Black Library, including the Night Lords series, the Grey Knights novel The Emperor's Gift, and the New York Times bestselling The First Heretic for the Horus Heresy. He lives and works in Northern Ireland with his wife Katie, hiding from the world in the middle of nowhere. His hobbies generally revolve around reading anything within reach, and helping people spell his surname. Rob Sanders is a freelance writer, who spends his nights creating dark visions for regular visitors to the 41st millennium to relive in the privacy of their own nightmares, including the novels Atlas Infernal and Legion of the Damned. By contrast, as Head of English at a local secondary school, he spends his days beating (not literally) the same creativity out of the next generation in order to cripple any chance of future competition. He lives in the small city of Lincoln, UK. Steve Lyons has written novels, short stories, radio plays and comic strips set in wide variety of fictional universes. He has also written several non-fiction books about television shows, and contributes to magazines. His work for the Black Library includes the novels Ice Guard and Death World, as well as the audio drama Waiting Death."

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