Grid Connect Sine Wave Inverter 24VDC 2000W

$191.36  $239.20

Features:• AC circuit breakers built in• Suitable for use with solar, wind*, hydro or other renewable energy sources• Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) system• High efficiency• Pure sine wave output• Low frequency inverter design (based on toroidal transformer)• LCD front panel display provides readout of system parameters• Programmable via front panel• Feeds power to the grid either directly from a solar array or from energy stored in a battery bank• Optional external remote control*Wind turbine generators must have clean DC output. External turbine regulator may be required for AC/3-phase wind generators where a battery bank is not used.Two Models:Grid Tie Inverter 12VDC 2000W Cat MI-5192Grid Tie Inverter 24VDC 2000W Cat MI-5194MI-5194 - 24VDC 2000WInput• Max input power at 50°C 2400W• Max DC input current: 90A• Max DC input voltage: 80V• MPPT range: 33-64V• Battery mode input range: 20-32VOutput• Output power nominal at 50°C: 2000W• Output power max: 2200W• Output voltage range: 205 - 265VAC• Output frequency: 50Hz±1Hz• Night power consumption: Nil• Input/output isolation: 3500VDC via toroid transformer• Anti islanding protection: Over/under voltage, over/under frequencyactive phase shift• Parameters displayed: PV voltage, PV current,• AC grid voltage, current, feed power, kWh• Dimensions: 424(H) x 256(W) x 368(D)mm• Weight: 26kg• Approval No: SAA100339

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