Marcrist Ultimate Enduro 125 x 22.2mm Universal Blade

$43.15  $51.30

<h2>Marcrist Ultimate Enduro 125 x 22.2mm Universal Blade</h2> <p>The Marcrist Enduro blades are suitable for cutting most building materials. These long life diamond blades are highly durable and provide an aggressive cut.</p><p>The Ultimate Ensuro blades have Turbo segments for a smooth and precise cut. They offer the ideal combination of speed and accuracy.</p><p>A massive 15mm segment increases the lifespan of the blades, and the hardened core increases durability. Small holes in the core help dissipate heat and prevent warping.</p><p>Suitable for use with angle grinders and table saws.</p><p>Conforms with EN31236 and ISO 9001 standards.</p><p>The MRCUEND125 Ultimate Universal Blade has the following specifications: Maximum speed: 80m/sec. Blade diameter: 115mm. Bore: 22.2mm.</p>

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