Bell & Bone Freeze Dried Dog Treats Kangaroo 100g

Bell & Bone’s dog treats start with raw kangaroo meat which is then blended with other real foods and freeze dried into tasty bite-sized balls. Kangaroo itself is high in lean protein and the energy-giving minerals iron and zinc, making this a great treat for active dogs in particular, and the rest of the ingredients have all been chosen to provide nutritional benefits of their own. They include: Coconut, which supports good digestion and helps maintain strong bones and glossy coats. Sardines, which supply extra protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and high levels of the important mineral calcium. Spinach, which is rich in skin-soothing antioxidants as well as iron, vitamin K, and other nutrients involved in bone health and growth. Kelp, a rare wholefood source of iodine which is also high in calcium and may help to prevent cancer. Ingredients: Kangaroo, Coconut, Sardines, Spinach, Kelp

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