Autobiography of a Vampire ~ Paperback ~ Emma Jayne Taylor


Yes! I am a vampire! I can produce sharp fangs and pulsating veins. I can run faster than any man and leap further and higher than any cockroach. My claws can grip and cut. I can hear a pin drop a few rooms away. I can smell fear from the distance of at least two football fields. My time is the dark...full of mystery and eeriness. I've been living amongst you for hundreds of years. None of you know that we actually exist, but there are a few of us roaming around, co-existing. There are ways to hide without hiding. We may be different in some ways, but in many we are the same. The earth holds many different animals, but we all seek the same things overall. Human beings find it difficult to accept things that aren't understood, but there are many unexplained wonders of the world. Stories written about us are close to the truth, but also far from the truth. This is the story of my life already lived, with many chapters still to come in my alleged immortal existence. My father told me of his story, which I have incorporated with mine to give you the full picture. This is a story of how I began and how I expect to go on to live.

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