Provence to Pondicherry ~ Hardback

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Tessa Kiros, renowned for her exquisite food and travel books, takes us ona fascinating journey across the globe to explore French culinary influencesin far-flung destinations. Her journey begins in Provence, where Tessa firstfell in love with French food, and explores the Mediterranean region's linksbetween the indigenous ingredients, flavours, materials and traditions.She then takes the path of early French explorers, travelling to the islandof Guadeloupe in the Caribbean; Vietnam in South-east Asia; Pondicherryon the Bay of Bengal, India; La Reunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean;finally returning to France and landing in Normandy, where the cuisine isso different from the South of France. In each destination, Tessa delves intothe history and culinary traditions of the country (or region), discovering howFrench cuisine has become embroiled with local ingredients and traditions.The result is an intriguing collection of recipes that will appeal to all thosewith a broad interest in food and culture.Author BiographyBorn in London to a Greek-Cypriot father and Finnish mother, Tessa Kirosdeveloped an interest in the food of different cuisines and travel from anearly age. She grew up in South Africa and left home at eighteen to traveland cook, working in restaurants in London, Sydney, Athens and Mexico. Shenow lives in Tuscany with her Italian husband, Giovanni, and two daughters.Her first cookbook Falling Cloudberries, a world of family recipes was aninstant success. Continuing her travel and culinary adventures, Tessa haswritten a further eight books, exploring the food of Italy as a whole, Tuscany,Venice, Portugal and Greece. Evocative writing and beautiful photographyepitomise her unique books. Provence to Pondicherry Release Date Australia: October 20th, 2016 Updated .

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