Zhiyun-Tech Weebill Lab Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser - Creator Package

The Zhiyun-Tech WEEBILL LAB Creator Package bundles the WEEBILL LAB gimbal with multiple dedicated accessories. It includes a Phone Holder, Max Servo Zoom/Focus Controller, Mini Monopod, Multifunctional Camera Belt (large), and two Quick Setup Adapters. Plus, the accessories that the WEEBILL normally comes with, such as a mini tripod, are also included. The WEEBILL LAB has a 6.6 lb payload and features an innovative design that supports a mini tripod on top and bottom—on top for comfortable underslung operation or as a second point of contact, and on the bottom as an extension arm. A monopod can alternatively be mounted on the bottom. The Phone Holder lets you attach your smartphone on the side of the gimbal as a monitor. The Max Servo Zoom/Focus Controller can be switched between the focus and zoom rings of your lens and controlled directly via the gimbal handwheel. The WEEBILL LAB supports a single servo, and the included Max version has enough torque to handle not only focus but also zoom adjustments. The Mini Monopod and Camera Belt are designed to work together to support the gimbal for stable jib-style and other shots, as well as to allow easier control of the zoom/focus handwheel. The monopod secures into the belt via a quick release mounting platform, and the belt takes the weight of the gimbal off your hands. The belt also offers strips for hanging lens bags and other accessories. The two Quick Setup Adapters enable you to attach your mini tripod and monopod by quick release functionality. Instead of screwing them in and out each time, you'll be able to simply click them into place and just as easily remove them.

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