Vintage LED Sphere Filament Spiral Light Bulb (Clear B22 Fitting)


Take home from <b>$2.69</b> per week. Combines the old-world charm of classic filament bulbs with the energy-saving technology of an LED<br />&bull; Average LED life of 10,000 hours &mdash; designed to cost up to 85% less to run than standard bulbs<br />&bull; Uses an LED chip with sapphire-infused silicon technology to produce a superior LED bulb with the best in energy-saving design and consistent illumination<br />&bull; Even when left on for hours the bulb won't get above 30&deg;C, making it safer around kids for your peace of mind<br />&bull; 2200k light with 450 lumens and a colour rendering index of 82 &mdash; a super warm-toned light for that vintage effect<br />&bull; Dimmable compatibility for your convenience, recommended with a Trailing edge or Triac dimmer (not included)<br />&bull; Spiralled filament evokes a vintage feel with its quirky, industrial appeal<br />&bull; Lights up your entrance, warehouse conversion office, caf&eacute;, or high-ceiling stairwell with show-stopping style<br />&bull; NOTE: Bulb only<br /><br />Size: 12.5W x 12.5D x 17H cm<br />&bull; Watts: 4W<br />&bull; Fitting: E27 (Edison) or B22 (Bayonette)<br />Material: Glass

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