Chi Chi 3 In 1 Eye Concealer - Medium


A new eye concealer in a magic wand that will instantly make you look and feel younger. This unique 3 in 1 formula works in the following ways: | 1 - Instantly hides dark circles, shadows and signs of tiredness around the eyes. | 2 - Reduces the long term appearance of bags, puffiness and dark circles as it contains an active natural complex that improves surface micro-circulation and reduces fluid retention around the eyes with continual use. | 3 - Conceals skin imperfections, softens the features and fine surface lines in the most natural of ways. Covers scaring and undereye circles with one swipe and rub in with fingers. Easy to take on the go. I keep this in my handbag and re-apply during the day. It's a great cover up and never lets me down.

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