1m SCART to SCART Cable


Hook up your Foxtel or SCART enquiped TV with this unbeatable value 1.8m SCART lead This 21-Pin Male to Male SCART Cable is used to connect two devices feature the European standard SCART interface, for transmission of analogue video and audio across a single cable. Most suited to connecting VCR's, DVD recorders, Set Top Boxes (STB) & Foxtel or Foxtel IQ Boxes to TV's. Requires a SCART output at the Source and a SCART input at the destination device. Product Features 5-Year Cable Chick Replacement Warranty! 1.8m Nickle Plated 21-Pin SCART to SCART Cable (Male to Male) Support for Video & Audio Analogue AV Signal via SCART Connection Bi-Directional input or output SCART lead Scart plug at one end and 3 RCAs at the other for Video and Stereo Audio. Notice for Installing Cables within Wall & Ceiling Cavities: If you are planing on installing any cable inside a permanent fixture (ie: Wall or Ceiling), Cable Chick strongly recommends that you connect and test the cable prior to installation. By following this simple practice you can ensure compatibility and correct operation of all connected equipment before the cable is permanently installed.

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