The HypoThyroid Diet ~ Paperback ~ Kevin Dobrzynski


Is hypothyroidism affecting your life, work, and family; are you a different person now than you were a few years ago? "The Hypothyroid Diet" is a simple step-by-step system you could use to start eliminating your symptoms one by one. It will show you exactly what to do so you can jumpstart your thyroid, lose weight, beat fatigue, and feel normal again. Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy This Book 1. It will help you lose weight 2. It will help you beat fatigue and boost your energy 3. It will help you feel normal again 4. It includes a specific exercise program for hypothyroidism 5. It shows you how to find the right doctor 6. It tells you what blood tests you need and their values 7. It lists what supplements you need 8. It shows you what foods you should and should not eat 9. You get a FREE 30-day membership worth $97 10. It s simple, safe, and it works!"Author BiographyDr. Kevin Dobrzynski is a Doctor of Naprapathy, nutritionist, and personal trainer who has spent his career successfully helping others lose weight. In 2010 Dr. Dobrzynski s wife had her thyroid removed due to cancer. Conventional medicine failed to help his wife but he s discovered what works naturally and wants to share this with hypothyroidism sufferers. Author Residence: Western Springs, Illinois. (Suburb of Chicago)"

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