Babysitting Party Game Wii


Babysitting Party has a variety of 30 minigames that can be played head-to-head or cooperatively with your family and friends. Play indoor and outdoor minigames, following a typical day of a baby and his babysitter, and prove that you're the best babysitter. Wii Remote gestures are intuitive, and designed for party minigames, making the game easy to pick up and play. Some games can be played with the Wii Balance Board. Enjoy exciting and varied games inspired by babies daily life. Entertain them through hilarious minigames like swing, tricycle race, rock or cleaning. Take part of their funny life by chasing monsters in their dreams, dancing following maracas rhythm or playing soap bubbles contests. Help them to progress with memory games, puzzles, colouring and cutting up activities Discover a great adventure in solo mode. Play with your friends, up to 4 players, either cute babies or the babysitter. Thanks to intuitive use of the Wii Remote / Nunchuk and innovative use of the Wii Balance Board, the game is easy to pick-up and play. Choose the families you want to babysit for, unlock a huge range of cute and funny outfits and customise your character and the baby you take care of. As a member of a babysitting academy, you will have to do your best to graduate and become the best babysitter.

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