RANS London Waffle Tea Towel (Set of 3) (WhiteO)


Take home from <b>$0.88</b> per week. Highest quality, long-staple cotton sourced from Egypt and India for a balance of softness and durability<br />&bull; Cotton is naturally absorbent and hygienic, and can be washed hundred of times without wearing thin<br />&bull; Hand loomed by expert weavers for superior craftsmanship and quality<br />&bull; Oeko-Tex 100 rating and<br />&bull; ensures cotton is free from toxins for your health and safety<br />&bull; Biodegradable material with commitment to Greenpeace's Detox Campaign to limit chemical use in the product process for eco-friendliness and your peace of mind<br />&bull; Waffle weave for superior absorbency and classic textural charm &mdash; great for mopping spills or wiping hands for practicality<br />&bull; Plain dye to embolden your kitchen aesthetic for years to come<br />&bull; Lifetime warranty for your convenience<br /><br />Size: 36W x 26H cm<br />Material: Cotton

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