Mad Catz LYNX 9 Hybrid Controller


Your Way to Play You no longer need a gaming console to get an authentic gaming experience. LYNX 9 is like an all-access pass to the premium gaming content on your Android smart devices. Play on a smartphone during your daily commute, a tablet during your lunch break, and even on your HDTV when you get home. With more features than a full-size gamepad but less than half the bulk, LYNX 9 fits in your pocket and plays everywhere you do. Simply Better Than Touch Touch controls have their place, but let's face it, they just don't cut it for core games. Ever tried to play an FPS using touch controls? How about a platformer? A mistimed jump caused by your thumb drifting away from virtual buttons spells instant death. Good luck with that! LYNX 9 solves all of this by supplying you with controls you can actually feel. And, certain titles even know when you're using a controller and will remove touch controls from your screen. Features Skeletal, Transforming, Modular, & Immensely Versatile Keyboard & Mouse Control for Easy Browsing & Media Navigation Built-in Mic Supports Voice Search Ergonomically Sculpted for Comfort and Precision Premium Components Rated at 1 Million Cycles Includes PlayBig Cables to Link Your Phone or Tablet to an HDTV

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