LEGO Legends of Chima Volume 2

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LEGO Legends of Chima – Season 1 Vol 2, includes 4 episodes. Market Day – Each month there is a big market at the Speedor races. Laval and Eris go there, but Cragger has hired the Ravens to steal Laval’s precious Speedor. And suddenly the prize of the races, the Golden CHI, has also disappeared. Attack on Eagle Spire – The Crocodiles hire the Ravens to trick the Wolves into attacking the Eagle Spires. But it is all part of an elaborate plot to harm both the Lions, Eagles and Wolves. Laval and Eris must act quickly to save the day. The Biggest Race of All – The Sacred Pool in the Lion Temple has produced the biggest orb of Golden CHI ever. Both the Wolves and Crocodiles are scheming and Cragger has hired CHIMA’s greatest Speedor Rider – Dom de la Woosh – to win the CHI for him. But another mysterious rider, ShadoWind, also enters the race. The Hundred Year Moon – At the night of the Hundred Year Moon, the Wolves are running wild and causing havoc. Crooler kidnaps a young gorilla girl to lure Laval, Eris and Gorzan the Gorilla out to rescue her. It is a very dangerous night, but finally Skinnet the Skunk’s foul odour may prove useful. Updated .

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