It's a Wonderful Death ~ Paperback ~ E N McMahon

$14.99  $19.99

""Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to stuff a special Christmas turkey. Henry Potter was sitting behind his desk. His mouth was open and he was facing the ceiling. A few fistfuls of greenbacks were stuffed down his gullet. " "He was dead."" Death comes to Bedford Falls, in a murder mystery that affectionately satirizes noir fiction. Richard Incles works for the DA's office - or he used to, until he failed to serve a warrant and found himself out of a job. Now he's a private investigator, and out to prove that George Bailey is innocent of the murder of Henry Potter. Incles knows his trade - mostly thanks to the detective novels he's always reading. Down these mean streets, a man must go, and Richard Incles is that man, ready for anything Bedford Falls can throw at him.

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