Christmas Coffin ~ Paperback ~ Michelle Lundy


On Christmas Eve, the Noel family receives the strangest gift. A coffin decorated with a big red bow, containing an unconscious man, bound in chains, is left in the snow at the end of their drive. When the man awakes he has no recollection of who he is, where he came from or how he got there. For name's sake, the Noels decide to call him Michael until his memory returns. The only glimpse Michael has of his former life comes in dark vivid dreams, where the taste of blood arouses his senses, making him yearn for more from the mere pleasure of it. Caught between the growing love in his heart for this kind family and the cold yet longing desires taking over his nightmares that are hard to ignore...Will the Noel family, in fact, have a Merry Christmas? Or will their world be shattered, at the fate of their own doing, from taking in a stranger under the strangest of circumstances?

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