Complete Guide to Tracking: Concealment, Night Movement, and All Forms of Pursuit Following Tracks, Trails and Signs, Using 22 SAS Techniques

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Discover how to track and stalk any living thing in any environment, including woodland, marsh, jungle and desert. The reader will learn how to: interpret animal, human and vehicle signs; preserve night vision; use time frames to eliminate misleading signs; detect quarry when they backtrack or circle around; understand how time and weather affect signs; and, spot intentionally misleading signs. The skills of observation, memory and analysis that a tracker employs are essential not only for the military and law enforcement agencies but are also invaluable for search and rescue teams, scouts, youth leaders, outdoor pursuit teachers, bird-watchers, ramblers, farmers, livestock owners and game keepers. Author Biography Bob Carss spent 18 years with 22 Special Air Service, where he trained as a tracker and was the chief SAS tracking instructor. He met co-writer Stewart Birch and illustrator Roy Thomasson while the three of them were serving together in B Squadron 22 SAS. They all live in Hereford, where the SAS Regiment is based. Updated .

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