Loving Earth Raw Organic Dark Chocolate 80g

Loving Earth’s Dark Chocolate is an exceptionally pure and delicious chocolate bar. Heirloom criollo amazonico cacao from the Peruvian Amazon (72%) and organic evaporated coconut nectar from the Indonesian island of Java (28%) are the only ingredients – there’s no cane sugar, no dairy, and nothing to get in the way of enjoying their surprisingly complex flavour and crisp crunch straight from the refrigerator. Aside from providing low-GI sweetness, the coconut nectar adds a hint of citrus and toffee to the dark and earthy chocolate taste. High in magnesium High flavonol antioxidant content Gluten and dairy free Low glycaemic index No cane sugar Fair trade Vegan Organic Ingredients: 72% Raw Cacao Beans, 28% Evaporated Coconut Nectar, Cashew, Hazelnut, Almond. 72% Min Cacao. *Certified Organic Direct Trade Contains Tree Nuts. Not Suitable For People With Tree Nut Allergies.

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