The Other Sex: Transfiguration in the Kingdom of the Concrete Lions ~ Paperback ~ Don Locicero


When Helen and Harold awake one morning transfigured into each other, their world is thrown into chaos. Will the hostile mother-in-law who refuses to believe that the pregnant woman is not her daughter, but her daughter's husband, help solve their dilemma? Will their burned out pastor offer them spiritual comfort? Can the idealistic social worker who is also a fierce karate expert be a source of pragmatic advice? Is a famous transvestite lawyer able to provide them with legal aid? Will Harold opt for an abortion to avoid subjecting his offspring to the stigma of having a mother who is really its father? The reader will alternately roar with laughter and shake her/his head in disbelief as one bizarre episode follows another, blurring the lines between the sexes, as well as those between reality and appearance. With THE CONCRETE LIONS, Don LoCicero joins the exalted literary ranks of Franz Kafka, Nikolai Gogol, Joseph Heller and Woody Allen.

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