Get Your Ducks in a Row: 480 Simple Ideas to Organize Your House and Your Life ~ Paperback ~ Rosalie Nourse

$15.99  $16.99

Are you stressed out from the paper piles on your desk? Do those plastic bowls and lids fall out every time you open a kitchen cupboard? Have you misplaced your car keys again? Get Your Ducks in a Row offers 480 simple solutions for organizing every room in your house from the kitchen to the home office, from the back yard to the garage. Rosalie Nourse also provides tips on time-management, travel, managing daily tasks and surviving Christmas. She shares effective ideas that she refined and implemented in her own home while juggling a busy career and an active family. These real-life tips are fundamental to keeping her household running smoothly. Each idea presented in Get Your Ducks in a Row is numbered for quick reference. The simplified style of each page lets you quickly grasp ideas that you can implement immediately. This everyday guide will help you reduce clutter, get a grip on paper piles and stay organized. With its straightforward solutions to the disarray and clutter around us, this practical book is the ultimate guide to a well-organized home life.

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