Nulon Full Synthetic 80W-140 Heavy Duty Limited Slip Differential Oil 20L SYN80W140-20

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Full Synthetic 80W-140 Heavy Duty Limited Slip Differential Oil Nulon SYN80W140 is a fully synthetic API GL-5 / GL-6 (obsolete) and API MT-1 limited slip and conventional differential oil with superior high temperature stability when compared to mineral differential gear oils. It is the preferred substitute for SAE 85W-140. Ideal for use in vehicles operating under heavy duty conditions such as: 4x4, towing, racing or carrying heavy loads. Nulon SYN80W140 is formulated using hydrofinished base oils with superior additive packages to enhance wear protection, corrosion protection, and low temperature characteristics. The optimized formulation has optimum oxidation and thermal stability to ensure fluid durability and performance during its life time. The hydrofinished base oils used in SYN80W140 are Very High Viscosity Index (VHVI) base fluids that have advantages of low volatility for better oil consumption, low wax content for improved low temperature fluidity, high saturates level for excellent thermal and oxidation stability, and low sulfur and aromatic compounds for better environment friendliness. Nulon SYN80W140 is ideal for Ford and Holden limited slip differentials that require additional Sturaco 7098 or Ford R178 as limited slip additive. When using this product there is no need to use additional Sturaco 7098 or Ford R178 limited slip additive. Benefits Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability Superior seal compatibility to protect oil seal deterioration No additional Sturaco 7098 or Ford R178 required Fortified using extreme pressure additive technology to provide excellent protection by reducing wear between gear teeth during high load and shock load operating conditions. Improved low temperature characteristics to reduce cold start wear and easy start up High film strength to tolerate high loads Reduces clutch chatter (also known as judder) Excellent corrosion protection and rust resistance for differential component durability

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