Weight Loss for Food Lovers: Understanding Our Minds and Why We Sabotage Our Weight Loss ~ Paperback ~ George Blair-West


It's not what's in your mouth - but what's in your mind...the question is not what to eat? Overweight people know they should eat! The real questions are the whys': Why don't we eat what we should? Why do we eat what we shouldn't? And why do we sabotage our healthy eating plans? This ground-breaking book explains in fascinating but simple terms why most dieters fail at, or actually sabotage, their weight loss plans. Three key reasons are: a deep love of food; rebelling against excessive deprivation; and, there are benefits to being overweight. It's not that people fail diets, it's that diets fail people. And parents are failing their children - one of the greatest gifts we can give them is the habit of healthy eating so that as adults this comes naturally. This is not another 'diet book' - there are no menus, calorie charts or exercise programs - but it is a book you must read before you try to lose weight again. By calling on the latest research, Dr Blair-West's clinical experience, the 'French Paradox' and even Zen mindfulness, he will share the secrets of keeping the weight off.

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