Diablo III Console Collector's Edition Strategy Guide


Sculptured Metal Bookmark - Be one of the few to own this gorgeous bookmark featuring a multi-level relief of the terrifying Lord of Darkness. Exclusive Art Section - This incredible art section features the armor sets of Diablo III from concept to execution. Premium Hard Cover - All the game-tested strategies of our Signature Series packaged in a hardcover featuring unique art and a premium finish. Excerpt From The Book of Tyrael - Exclusive excerpt from the eagerly anticipated Diablo III: Book of Tyrael. Read it here first! Quest Guide - All four Acts, every Quest, 3D Town Maps, and exclusive Dungeon Tile Tactics. Heroes - Get the most out of all 5 classes. A complete rundown of all active and passive skills for each Hero. Bestiary - All creatures in the game, including critical stats and detailed descriptions. Crafting - A complete overview of the DIII crafting system. Loot - A comprehensive listing of weapons, armor, and accessories. Includes Legendary items! Endgame Quests & Bonuses - Detailed information about the new endgame features such as Nephalem Valor, Paragon Levels, and more!

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