Overcoming Obstacles and Living Your Dreams ~ Paperback ~ Carol Sligh


For centuries, millions of people have struggled in their efforts to deal with adversity and obstacles in their lives. Many people have failed to recognize and pursue potentially life-changing opportunities that have crossed their paths, not realizing long term impacts that their languishing has had on themselves, their families and others. When people haphazardly meander through life, they may be falling short of fullfilling their destiny. That is, until "Overcoming Obstacles and Living Your Dreams" unveils the secrets and artillery necessary to bring about positive change now. As a motivational speaker and an advocate of socio-economic development, the author believes that achieving and sustaining success in all areas of your life is not only possible, but more readily attainable than ever. This book will encourage, develop, and equip you to face and overcome obstacles. As you apply the principles provided herein, you will experience a transformation within yourself. Your perception about life and your ability to embrace it will change. You will view adversities in your life differently and use them as opportunities to grow.

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