Blackridge Low Pressure Spray Gun - 600mL

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Is this product for you? Ideal for small, general jobs around the home, this low pressure spray gun gives even coverage at an affordable price. Able to deliver significantly better quality finishes than aerosol (rattle) cans, a low pressure spray gun will give even blending of colour and a smooth consistent finish. This particular spray gun has a small 1.5mm nozzle, perfect for giving smooth clear coats, whilst also suiting single stage and metallic paints. Still, if you’re new to painting it’s worth checking with your paint supplier to ensure that this nozzle size is suitable for your needs. As with all air tools, this spray gun does require a certain rate of free air to operate sufficiently. In this case though, the required free air delivery rate is only 60 Litres/min, so this low pressure gun will run on almost all compressors without a problem. 600mL pot capacity 1.5mm nozzle Suction feed Max operating pressure: 30 PSI Min air consumption: 60 Litres/min Low pressure spray gun Updated .

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