1 Pcs 6-Channel 12V Latching Relay Module Controls High Voltage Current


Description:Features: Double panel design PCB; 6-way independent self-locking design; without disturbing each other; Using stable and reliable chip as a control; stable and reliable performance; strong anti-interference; no false triggering; superior performance; Use Songle genuine relay control loads; in 250V 10A (AC) and 30V 10A (DC) of the load can withstand; Humane interface design; interfaces with a good terminals can be connected directly lead; With 6 touch switch as product testing; test the product directly to the stability; Each corresponding to a trigger switch socket; you can add the trigger switch control; With power indicator (green LED) and 6 switch indicates (red LED); Module size: 110x57x18.5mm; Weight: 96g; Designed with four bolt holes: pitch 104.5x51.5; aperture 3.1mm. Electrical parameters: Supply voltage: 12V (DC) Maximum power consumption: 220mA Load: 250V 10A (AC) or 30V 10A (DC) Module interface: DC +: positive power supply module; then 12V DC positive.DC-: negative power supply module; then the 12V DC negative.CH1-CH6: 1-6 corresponding relay trigger control side; low level trigger effective.S1-S6: 1-6 corresponding relay test button.White Terminal Block: Corresponds 1-6 external switch relay control terminal. Relay outputs: There are 18 line interface; all interfaces can be connected directly leads; user-friendly.NO1-NO6: normally open relay interface; the relay becomes vacant before; pull short after the COM.COM1-COM6: Relay Common Interface.NC1-NC6: normally closed relay interface relay shorted to COM before; pull vacant post.Usage: Press the trigger button; the corresponding relay is locked; press again; the relay is disconnected; you can also add the trigger switch; and the use of low-level trigger.Applicationz: Household appliances control; home control various lamps; factory equipment control; current control for a variety of small high-voltage power control products. INCLUDED: 1x 12V relay module

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