Dying Light Strategy Guide


Dying Light is a game about survival against horrific odds and deadly situations. You must pit yourself against an entire lost city of Infected. The only survivors are people who need your help to make it through each day. They’re short on everything they need, including time. Things get even worse when the light dies and evening takes over. That’s when the island’s greatest horrors wake up and stalk the shadows. You must master crafting, traps, free running, combat, and scavenging if you want to make it through this with your humanity intact. A spoiler-free walkthrough of the entire main story, including myriad side quests. Our exclusive maps from the game developers chart the locations for all 200 Collectible Items in Old Town and the Slums—Antennas, Zombie Statues, and more! A Skill-by-Skill Breakdown for Survivor, Agility, and Power abilities. Play to your strengths as a runner or a fighter. All Blueprints— explained Locations, Recipes, and Effects. Find out how to make anything in the game. Learn about the Infection and the monsters it has created. Master their weaknesses. How to scavenge during the day, and then take your life into your own hands and risk deadly Pursuits in the evening hours. Tips for survival under all conditions. Get every Achievement/Trophy. Free Mobile-Friendly eGuide. Unlock the enhanced eGuide for access to updated content, all optimized for a second-screen experience.

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